'Happy in blessing, do not want publicity', Shravanti opens his mouth to stand beside the helpless


BanglaHunt Desk: The people of the world are now counting on terror in the wake of the coroner. In the first world countries, now only the dead sirens. Though the situation in India is relatively comfortable, the number of victims has crossed five thousand. In this situation, everyone is at home following the lockdown. The stars are also trapped in the house. Now is the time to stop shooting. Therefore, this time is a very constructive use of Tollywood actress Shrabanti Chatterjee. He said, “Life is one, it will not last if you regret it. That's why I always try to be positive. “
The actress now shares many pictures, videos and videos on social media. He is trying to convey awareness through entertainment. Shrabanti said that the day is going to be spent with husband, son, sister, Jamaibu at home. Cooking time together, watching movies, cleaning the house and spending time. As well as seeing the news daily, in the hope of the good news.

Shravanti also said that her husband Roshan also helped her greatly in all the housework. After the mask, he is responsible for bringing the necessary items from outside. Now is the end of time, so the actress is constantly cooking on the net. At the same time, Shravanti also said that he and Roshan are trying to stand beside helpless people. In his words, “I am trying as much as I can. Roshan did all the markets. With the help of the Kolkata Police, we fed everyone the chicken rice. An old man blessed. I didn't post these pictures anywhere. I don't deserve the blessing Tukui deserves. “
Relatively, Prasenjit Chatterjee is opposite Shrabanti, who was playing in Kabari's disappearance before the lockdown. There are several other pictures of him.

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