Harbhajan Singh announced the future of Dhoni in the Indian jersey.


The biggest speculation in Indian cricket at the moment is about the retirement of skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni. In this context, Dhoni's teammate Harbhajan Singh once said, “I don't see any sign of Dhoni returning to the Indian cricket team.” Speaking on Instagram live chat, Harbhajan Singh said, “Dhoni doesn't seem to want to play for the Indian cricket team anymore.”

In response to a question from a fan on Instagram live chat, Harbhajan Singh said that Dhoni played the semi-final match of the 2019 World Cup as the last match in the Indian team's jersey. Now he does not see any possibility of Dhoni's comeback in the national team. Harbhajan Singh was accompanied by Indian cricket team co-captain Rohit Sharma on Instagram live chat. That cricket fan threw the question at these two Indian cricketers about Dhoni's retirement.

In response to this question, India opener Rohit Sharma said, “Please don't ask me any questions about this, whatever you ask about this, ask Dhoni directly.” On the other hand, Harbhajan Singh said that before Dhoni gets another chance in the Indian cricket team or not, you need to know whether Dhoni wants to play for India again. However, I think Dhoni has played his last match in the Indian team jersey in the World Cup semifinals. Dhoni does not want to return to the Indian team jersey. However, Harbhajan Singh thinks that Dhoni will continue to play in the IPL for several more years.