Harbhajan Singh expressed extreme anger for harassing a Sikh man by taking off his turban


Bangla Hunt Desk: Former Indian cricket spinner Harbhajan Singh has expressed his anger against the West Bengal Police by tweeting. The main reason for his outrage was the arrest of a man named Balwinder Singh by West Bengal police during a BJP procession yesterday for possessing a firearm. The video of the bodyguard named Balwinder Singh being harassed by the West Bengal Police has gone viral on social media.

The video shows police beating Balwinder Singh and dragging him by the hair after he took off his turban. Let me tell you, Balwinder Singh is a Sikh man and to a Sikh man his turban is his honor. And insulting that turban means insulting the whole religion. Outraged by the West Bengal police's behavior, Harbhajan has sought justice from Mamata Banerjee.

BJP leader Tejinder Singh Bajna has also accused Mamata's government of insulting Sikhism. The BJP leader tweeted that the incident was reminiscent of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. Mamata's police insulted a Sikh brother by removing his turban. The Sikh brothers made the greatest sacrifices to liberate this country. And those who have perpetrated such atrocities on them have no right to stay in power even for a minute.