Harbhajan Singh has been widely trolled for tweeting about corona vaccine.


Bangla Hunt Desk: Various corona vaccines have been developed for several months and their trial has also started. Trials of various corona vaccines have been going on for a long time but no one knows when the corona vaccine will finally reach the hands of the common man. And so this time former Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh made a funny tweet about the corona vaccine. And then the former Indian cricketer became a victim of trolls by netizens.

On the same day, Harbhajan Singh tweeted about the corona vaccine, saying, “The effectiveness of Pfizer and Biotech vaccines is 94 percent, the effectiveness of Oxford vaccine is 90 percent, and the effectiveness of modern vaccine is 94.5 percent.” In India, on the other hand, the recovery rate without vaccines is 93.6 percent. So do Indians really need vaccines? Then Harbhajan Singh gave some funny emojis.

On the one hand, at a time when people all over the country are in a state of panic, there has been an uproar on social media over Harbhajan Singh's tweet. Many have written sarcastically to Harbhajan Singh, “Don't post like a fool.” Again someone wrote, “It’s not a cricket match that has the option to take a review. Being out here means leaving absolutely. So the general public needs the vaccine as soon as possible. ”