Harinam chanting was seen on the streets of communist China, the video went viral on social media


Bangla Hunt Desk: India-China relations are at a standstill. At this time, a viral video from China has surfaced on social media, which is very hard to believe without watching. Everyone who watched this video was amazed. A video of an incident on a Chinese street has also gone viral on social media amid clashes in the border area.

China is a country of communist ideology. The Chinese government has always been committed to maintaining communist ideology among its citizens. Even religions other than Buddhism have been completely banned from China. Although Christianity wants to wipe out Islam, the viral video shows that Hinduism is widespread in China.

'Hare Krishna' on Chinese streets

During the day, a number of young women take to the streets of China and sing the name 'Hare Krishna' with open claps and mridangs. As unbelievable as it may sound, it is real. ISKCON recently shared a video that has gone viral on the net.

Looking at the viral video

As seen in the video, Chinese young women on the streets of China are wearing saris like Indian Hindu women. And at the same time youngsters like Indian Hindu men are singing the name Hare Krishna after dhoti Punjabi. At the same time, Harinam is singing and dancing in a melodious melody with open palms and mridang in the street. Many people have gathered in the streets to see their worship of God. Some of them are also capturing this historic moment on camera. In addition, ISKCON fans in China are distributing books in Chinese called Krishna.

Most important of all, the Chinese police are busy managing the crowd around the event. No matter how much the Chinese government opposes India, this video proves that there are ISKCON fans among Chinese citizens.

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