Hathras case: Narco test will be conducted on the victim's family and police personnel


Banglahant Desk: Uttar Pradesh (Uttarpradesh) The whole of India is heated in protest of the Hathras incident. The people of India are vocal in demanding the harshest punishment for the culprits. From ordinary people to the forefront of society, everyone has joined the protest at different times in protest of this incident.

Questions about the role of the Yogi government and the police

The role of Uttar Pradesh government Yogi Adityanath and Uttar Pradesh police in two consecutive gang-rape cases is also being questioned. The Yogi government has failed to protect women in his kingdom, and various slogans have been raised against the Yogi government. At the same time, many questions have been raised as to why the police hastily burnt the body of the victim.

Lawyers demanding Yogi's resignation

Hundreds of lawyers in Ghaziabad have demanded the resignation of the chief minister to cool the situation in hot Uttar Pradesh. On Thursday, they fired the Yogi government from its post, urgently demanding presidential rule in Uttar Pradesh.

According to them, the incidents of gang-rape from Uttar Pradesh have revealed that there are signs of crime against women. This government has no right to stay in power. Because this incident in Uttar Pradesh is tarnishing the image of the whole country. So they want to impose presidential rule in Uttar Pradesh quickly.

Narco test will be done in the interest of investigation

It has been informed that a narco test will be conducted due to the investigation into this incident. Earlier, SP Vikram Bir, DSP Ram Shabad, Inspector Dinesh Kumar Verma, Sub-Inspector Jagbir Singh and Chief Murar Mahesh Pal were suspended for negligence in the incident. It is also learned that several police personnel along with the families of the victims will also undergo narco and polygraph tests.