Have you heard the unemployment song? There is a blast on social media-VIDEO


बेरोजगारी वाला गाना सुना क्या? सोशल मीडिया पर मचा रहा धमाल-VIDEO

Have you heard the unemployment song?Image Credit source: Instagram

in country Unemployment How much it is increasing, you must be aware of it. Despite being educated, people are not getting jobs and even if they are getting, they are not getting according to their ability. In cities like Delhi and Mumbai, people are forced to work even for 8-10 thousand rupees a month, but how difficult it is to run a house with that money, they must have known there. What is the condition of unemployment in the country, you can understand from this that MBA people also Group-D Have started applying for the job. A song based on this is very popular on social media these days. viral Happening, which is very funny.

A person has sung this unemployment song in a wonderful manner, which is also getting a lot of applause. Not only on social media but where he was singing, there was a huge crowd of boys too. The person has sung this song on the lines of an old song, the lyrics of which are like, ‘Chod studies, catch the embroidery, mill ke talo pakoda’. Now the dreams of the youth have started disintegrating, they have started filling BTech-MBA Group-D. Read and see, the hair on my head fell off, someone did a scam, became rich. The number of my glasses increased from two to four. In the video you can see how much applause the singer is getting. The boys are seen encouraging him.

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This funny video is becoming very viral on social media. It has been shared on Instagram with an ID named sssingerchaiwala, which has been viewed 2.7 million i.e. 27 lakh times so far, while more than 1 lakh 92 thousand people have also liked the video and various funny reactions. are given.

One user has written, ‘Joke joke mein sahi ga diya’, while another user has written, ‘Itna bhi sach nahi bolna tha…Dil choo liya bhai ne’. Similarly, another user has written, ‘There is talent in the guy and there is truth in his song’, while one has written, ‘Aap hum students ke dil ki baat bataye dost’.

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