He carried a sack of food in his hand, filled truck after truck and sent rations to the needy.


BanglaHunt Desk: Salman Khan is carrying a sack of food in his hand. All those sacks are getting up in the truck, in the car after changing hands. And the food is being delivered to the needy people by filling that truck. In the lockdown, the brother has once again extended a helping hand to the helpless people.

At the moment, Salman is at his garden house in Panvel, Mumbai. That's where the lockdown time is spent. However, the actor did not face any obstacle in his public service. He has taken one humanitarian initiative after another since the announcement of the lockdown.
Once again, Salmon sent rations to the needy people of Panvel. The actor recently shared a video on his Insta handle. There he is seen pulling sacks of food from the warehouse of the garden house. And all those sacks are being replaced by trucks and cars.
Yulia, Jacqueline and many others have been seen helping him in this work. Salmon loaded several trucks and sent rations. Needless to say, this video went viral as soon as it was shared. Fans are blessing Vaijan.

Earlier, Salman himself had arranged to send rations to the families of 23,000 daily wage workers. Not only that, he has taken on the responsibility of taking care of the people around his garden house and the locals in Panvel.

Earlier, it was learned that Salman had taken the responsibility of the wages of 23,000 daily wage workers on his shoulders. Then Salman Khan filled the truck of the workers and sent rations.

He has taken on the responsibility of the wages of 23,000 daily wages of the Mumbai film industry. Salmon has arranged a monthly salary of Tk 3,000 for the workers.