He left his job in Dubai and returned to the country, now producing 550 kinds of fruits


BanglaHunt Desk: He left his job in Dubai and returned home to cultivate fruits but then his failure took him away from everyone. Friends and relatives found this decision strange. But today his success is giving a new direction to many. This young man named William Mathews went to Dubai to work. But after many difficulties there, he finally left his job in Dubai in 2010 and returned to his home in Kerala.
He started farming on his own land, having been able to grow 550 varieties of tropical fruits on his eight acres in the last ten years.

William, 42, said his farm had 19 varieties of dates, six varieties of guava and six varieties of passion fruit and 30 varieties of lemons. Mickey Mouse Fruit, Wax Apple, Himalayan Recari, American Coconia, Brazilian Zabotikba, Rolinia are also foreign fruits of various varieties.

He also has two ponds on his farm which contain many kinds of fish. In addition to farming, he is also researching how to cultivate better. He has also visited many farms in India and abroad.

In addition to keeping an eye on agriculture, he also thinks of doing something in the IT sector so that his skills in IT are not wasted. Even his wife, a teacher, has taught many students. He has started a skill center called Maver Institution of Computer Technology (MICT). Teaching students basic concepts of IT, coding and computer operation. There are currently about 600 students in the class and this work is also slowly gaining momentum.