He was the first patient in the country to undergo plasma therapy and was admitted to a hospital in Delhi


BanglaHunt Desk: Doctors talked about plasma therapy for the treatment of corona virus (COVID-19). This time a person in the ICU was completely healed through that plasma therapy. After recovering, he was released from Max Hospital in Delhi.

More than 200,000 people worldwide have already died as a result of this deadly virus in China. And millions of people are being treated for the condition. Researchers are constantly trying to find a vaccine against this disease. But it will still take several months to discover the right vaccine for the virus. However, doctors have already said that the disease can be treated through plasma therapy.

On April 4, a 49-year-old patient came to Max Hospital in Delhi for treatment for coronary heart disease. He was initially kept in the ICU due to deteriorating physical condition. He was then given plasma therapy, his condition improved and he was released from the hospital. Doctors said he had pneumonia after being infected with the corona, which led to him being kept in the ICU. If you have difficulty breathing, take it on a ventilator. With the consent of his family, plasma therapy tests were started. He is in good health and has been released.

On the other hand, five patients are also undergoing treatment with plasma therapy at Lok Nayak Hospital in Delhi. The condition of three patients is improving. Following the Delhi government's announcement, patients suffering from coronary heart disease at Lok Nayak Hospital are being treated in this manner.