Health workers dance to the tune of vaccine surge, viral video on the internet


Viral video: After the global death march, people have finally found the direction of liberation. The vaccine came in handy as the number of infections decreased. Nowadays a video is going very viral on social media. In this video, health workers are seen dancing to the joy of being vaccinated against corona. This video was captured on camera outside Boston Medical Center.

The viral video shows health workers dancing in groups outside the hospital, following social distances. After a long year of fighting, the joy of victory has finally dawned on their faces. Everyone is getting sensitive after watching this video. It is realized that everyone is troubled by the coronavirus.

The video was posted on her Twitter handle by Boston Medical Center CEO Kate Walsh. This video has been viewed 4.4 million times (40 million) times. Also, so far 9,000 people have liked this video and 2600 retweeted it. It’s being quite liked on social media.

Many videos have gone viral in Corona before, some of them quite tragic. A Corona fighter went to bury the body of a Corona-infected woman. But before the funeral he got tired and lay down on the ground. At that time a photographer named Adnan Bedi took this picture. The photo was shared on social media by IAS officer Abneesh Sharan. The picture went viral as soon as it was posted.

Earlier, another viral image showed the temperature rising above 32 degrees, accompanied by humidity. In the meantime, the PPE kit has become hotter. The tired nurse is sitting on the floor fighting with the parasite. “I am proud of my team,” Assam Minister Himanta Bishwasharma wrote in a post on social media.

Looking at these pictures, it is clear how the gods in white clothes are fighting for the lives of our people.