Heart touching viral video: Guy feeding hungry baby goat’s milk

Banglahant Desk: Mother is mother, mother has no caste, religion or caste – a viral video proved it again. The mother is the ultimate refuge for the child. Be it the mother of blood and flesh, or the mother of four drinks. Mother is equal everywhere. The mother’s affection develops equally for the child in all cases.

Watching a viral video recently circulating on Netdunia revealed another great identity of mother’s love. This video proved once again, mother is not a separate caste, mother is mother. Let’s take a look at that viral video first-

In the video, it is seen that a goat is drinking milk with the mouth of a cow. The cow is also called Go Mata. The cow is seen as equal to the mother. In this case too, the cow is giving caress and love to this kid like a mother. Even if he is a kid, but he is a child who wants motherly love. So the cowherd is calling the kid and feeding him milk without any hesitation.

Sharing this heartbreaking video on social media went viral. At the same time, netizens have expressed their respect for Gomata’s work. It also proved that there is no difference between a mother of blood and a mother of four. Mother is equal everywhere. This video went viral after being shared on Netdunia.