Heavy rain changed the weather of Delhi-NCR in summer, people also showered mimes on Twitter


गर्मी में झमाझम बारिश ने बदला दिल्ली-NCR का मौसम, लोगों ने भी ट्विटर पर दनादन बरसाए मीम्स

When the weather changed in Delhi-NCR, memes started being shared.Image Credit source: Twitter

delhi rain memes: The weather of Delhi-NCR has become such that it is not known when it will change. instant heat, instant Rain Has surprised people. Usually in the months of April and May there is severe heat, people remain drenched in sweat, but this time it is rarely seen. In these months also people are facing rain. Even today, the weather of Delhi-NCR changed in such a way that it started raining heavily. In many places the roads were filled with water. In such a situation there was a jam. Although people are also enjoying in the midst of this rain.

At the same time, the discussion about rain has intensified on social media as well. #DelhiWeather and #DelhiRains are trending top on Twitter. Users are giving different reactions. Some people are sharing videos related to rain, while some are sharing pictures and telling how heavy it is raining in their area. At the same time, some users are also sharing funny memes. Someone is jokingly saying that ‘Indradev seems to have drunk so much alcohol that he has forgotten that it is May, not monsoon’, while someone is saying that ‘the weather in Delhi is very bad! Ruckus and madness too! Somebody remind me that May is going on.

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