Height Myth: Does skipping really increase the height of children? know the truth


Height Myth: क्या सच में लांघ देने से नहीं बढ़ती बच्चों की हाइट? जान लें सच्चाई

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Height Myth: There are many people in the world who, in their little height They are troubled by it and they also take many measures to increase it. Some people do hanging exercises, so that the length of the legs increases, while some also resort to medicines that claim to increase height. Recently, such a person came in the discussion, who used to increase his height. dangerous surgery Just got it done. He had claimed that his length had increased by a few inches after undergoing surgery. Well, this has become a matter of science, but some myths about increasing or decreasing height are also very popular in the society, which surprise people a lot.

One such myth is related to crossing. You must have heard that many people are seen saying that do not cross the child, if it is crossed then its height will not increase. Often people stop hearing this and do not cross the children, but have you ever thought how much truth is there in this matter? Does jumping really not increase the height of a person? Let us know what is the truth behind this.

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Most people believe that if the parents are tall, then the children are also tall, that is, the height depends on the genes of the parents. There is some truth in this as well. Gene also plays an important role in the height of any person, but there is no truth in the fact that giving a jump to someone does not increase his height. This is just a hear-heard thing, on which people blindly believe.

In fact, in earlier times, when people lacked education, they used to accept such things as true, but now it is not so. However, even now you will find many such people in the villages, who believe in such myths as well.

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