“Hello” video goes viral around the world, video of French president and German chancellor goes viral

Bangla Hunt Desk: Due to the corona virus, Indian culture is being adopted to greet the whole world. In particular, the world's great leaders greet each other by saying “Namaskar” instead of shaking hands. The names of French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have been added to the list of non-connected greetings. When the two European Union leaders met on Thursday, they greeted each other with greetings instead of shaking hands. The video of Macron and Merkel greeting each other according to Indian culture is going viral on social media.

Usually the leaders of the western countries either shake hands or hug. But with the Corona crisis in mind, they are now adopting Indian culture by changing the practice. However, Macron has been embracing Indian culture since early March. He then greeted the King of Spain in Paris instead of shaking hands. The French ambassador in New Delhi at the time tweeted, “President Macron has decided to greet his guests. During his visit to India in 2016, he came to know about this Indian culture. ”

Recently, US President Donald Trump and Prince Charles also greeted each other instead of shaking hands. That picture of the two became very brotherly on social media. Similarly, in March 2020, when reporters asked Trump how he welcomed the Irish Prime Minister? Then Trump said, I came from India recently. I did not shake hands there. The people there greet each other to welcome. That's what I learned.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also suggested adopting Indian culture in his country. At a news conference earlier this year, he showed himself how to greet with folded hands.

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