Helping to build a duck nest is a one-sided, tumultuous viral mind-blowing video


viral video: The one who loves living beings, the one who serves God – the great men have taught us this mantra of serving life in the knowledge of Shiva. Yet how much do we help the helpless creatures? On the contrary, one animal after another has become extinct due to human oppression. Multiple videos of human torture on other helpless animals have gone viral in Netpara. But this time a video of a completely different religion won the hearts of the net world.

This viral video has taken the net world by storm for the last few days. The video shows two black ducks nesting in a pond or pond A child is pushing straw towards them from the edge of the pond. Netizens have become better at seeing that.

The video was shared on social media by Indian Forest Officer Sushant Nanda. He wrote a touching message in the caption of this video. Help everyone build a home, he writes.

Needless to say, this video has gone viral since it was posted on social media. The residents of Net Para are blessed with the example of humanity of this child. More than 15,000 netizens have already watched this video. The comment box is overflowing with praise. As one netizen wrote, God bless this one Ratti. We want more children who respect other animals and help them with affection and love. Check out the viral video