Here are 13 benefits of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Jandhan project, which you should know


BanglaHunt Desk: After coming to power, Narendra Modi was the first to insist on opening a bank account for every Indian. Eight years have already passed since the Prime Minister's Jandhan project. Statistics say that in the last one year alone, 3.7 crore public funds have been opened. In all, a total of 40 crore 35 lakh Jandhan accounts have been opened. Of which 34 crore 71 lakh Jandhan accounts are regularly transacted. Let's know the 13 main benefits of Jandhan account

It does not cost any money to open a Jan Dhan account and it does not require any minimum balance.

Up to 10 thousand rupees can be overdrafted. Overdraft facility is available from 6 months after opening the account.

Overdraft facility is available up to Rs 2,000 without any condition

The person opening the Jan Dhan account is given a rupee debit card, through which he can withdraw money from the account or make purchases.

Rupee Card has free casual insurance cover for accounts opened after 28 August 2018.

Accident insurance cover is available up to lakhs of rupees.

Life cover up to Rs 30,000, which is available only after fulfilling the eligibility criteria after the death of the beneficiary.

Money transfer facility is available across the country from this Jandhan account.

The money from government schemes comes directly to this Jandhan account.

Interest is earned on the money deposited in the account.

Free mobile banking facility is also available

It is much easier to buy insurance, pension etc. through John Dhan account.

If there are Jan Dhan accounts, then accounts for pensions can be opened in schemes like Prime Minister Kisan and Shramyogi Madhan.

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