“He’s a flop player, he shouldn’t be paid so much,” Aji told Gambhir.


Bangla Hunt Desk: Gautam Gambhir is a personality who is not only a good cricketer but he always speaks clearly. Gambhir loves to say whatever comes to mind when he is not afraid of anyone. He always loves to be clear. And so this time Gambhir washed the Australian star all-rounder Maxwell in practically harsh language.

If Maxwell had played well, he would not have had to change so many franchises, Gautam Gambhir had washed Maxwell using such language. Gambhir said Maxwell was taken into the team with high hopes and Maxwell was disappointed every time. Maxwell has made it a habit to perform poorly.

“Maxwell is the most flop cricketer in the IPL,” Gambhir told ESPN. If he had played well, he would not have had to change so many franchises. Maxwell has turned it into a habit by repeatedly performing poorly. Many say he may not have been able to play independently in the previous franchise, but that is a completely wrong idea because he could not perform despite being given full freedom when he played for Delhi.

Gambhir further said that he was taken into the team as an X factor and was given full freedom. Despite that, Maxwell can’t perform. And by making that argument, Gambhir’s claim that there is no point in spending a lot of money behind Maxwell every season. Note that this time Virat RCB has taken Maxwell in the team for 14.25 crore rupees.