Hilsa is flocking in the net in the rainy season, politics is not getting caught


Banglahunt Desk: Due to lockdown, fishermen could not go to catch hilsa in the first season of catching hilsa. But since the end of July, large numbers of hilsa have been falling into the nets of Bangladeshi fishermen. But the people of Bengal are not getting caught up in the politics of the two countries.


The Bangladesh government has stopped exporting their national resource Hilsa to the country due to problems with the Teesta water distribution. As a result, ordinary people are deprived of the wonderful taste of Padma Hilsa. Ordinary people are eager to taste the hilsa of Padma.

The last hilsa came from Bangladesh before Pujo last year. Since then exports have stopped. Tons and tons of hilsa are being stored at Patuakhali Mahipur, a wholesale market for marine fish in Bangladesh. Hilsa is being sold at Rs 30,000 to Rs 36,000 per kg Many more marine fish have grown in large numbers. As a result, the fishermen of the country are going to see some profit.

On the other hand, the meteorological department has advised the fishermen to return from the sea once again due to the cyclone. After the government ban on fishing was lifted on June 15, the fishermen went to the sea to bring hilsa with full hope. Some trawlers came back with a good amount of hilsa. There was more hope among the fish traders. But it is getting worse due to repeated bad weather.

Besides, the price of diesel has gone up across India Due to which you can't stay at sea with trawler for long. As a result, hilsa extraction is also being hampered.