Hina Khan slammed her short dress to the tune of 'Genda Flower', viral video of the moment


BanglaHunt Desk: Hina Khan has recently stepped out of the television screen and set foot in Bollywood. Hina is very active on social media. And this lockdown has escalated. He occasionally shares videos with fans. This time, Hina has danced to the tune of the king's 'genda fool'.

Genda phool has been trending on YouTube for quite some time. Badshah and Pavel Deva's songs are now revolving around people. Since its release, Neanderta has been divided into two parts of the genital flower. According to the section, the song has become increasingly popular. Speaking of the other part, in the mindset of Bengali, the king was hurt.

But in the midst of so much controversy, the practice of the song continues. Those who love dance, needless to say, they are very happy to get a song. Whether it is imitating Jacqueline's dance step or self-made step, Bengalis have met in 'Genda Flower'. From stars to ordinary people, everyone is seen to keep pace with this song.

However, Hina did not dance in sari like other stars. She was seen wearing pink sports bra and tights. The actress danced in this look. And immediately the video goes viral on social media.

Hina has also been seen sharing videos of her detention status on her Insta handle. He has shared cooking videos and cleaning videos. All those videos have gone viral.

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