Home Ministry issues guidelines on lockdown, know what exemptions are, and what sanctions?


Bangla Hunt Desk: In the fight against the Coronavirus virus, all state governments have advised the central government to increase lockdown until May 5th. Then on Wednesday, the Home Ministry issued a new direction. There it has been said that all transportation services will be closed down. The border of the state will remain sealed. However, permission to leave the house will be allowed for necessary services. In addition, concessions have been made in connection with agriculture.

According to the directions, people will not be able to travel by bus, metro, airplane, train. Schools, colleges, coaching centers will be closed. The face cover will be inevitable when it comes out. Spitting in public places will be fine. Cinema halls, malls, shopping complexes, gyms, playgrounds, swimming pools and bars will remain closed until May 3rd. The people will be banned from traveling in the state, in the district.

All social, political, sports, religious ceremonies, religious grounds, places of prayer will be closed to the public till May 5th. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his address on Tuesday that the lockdown would be strictly observed till April 23. Then areas that will not be hotspots, and areas that are unlikely to be new hotspots, will be discounted. Directions have been issued today with the exemption.

Know what stops? Domestic and international aviation services, passenger trains, all kinds of educational institutions, industrial and business mobility, hotels, taxis, auto rickshaws, bike rickshaws, movie halls, shopping complexes, gyms, sports complexes, swimming pools, bars, theaters, any kind of events, All religious places will be closed. No more than 20 people can be gathered for the funeral.

What can be discounted? According to the ministry, the activities that will be exempted on April 25 are agriculture, flower gardens, farming, sale of agricultural products, markets. In addition, the agencies will be able to buy farmers produce. According to MNREGA, work has been allowed to continue. People have been requested to maintain social distance. In addition, exemptions have been made on the construction work done by the state government.

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