Homeopathy has been a great success in the fight against corona, only one special medicine should be applied 6 days a month


Bangla Hunt Desk: Homeopathy medicine can eradicate the corona virus even if it is a little bit, said Dr. Jawahar Shah. The application of a special type of medicine is increasing the immunity of the human body. As a result, the ability to fight any disease, even the corona virus, is multiplied.

Do not use homeopathy

Scientists and researchers from almost every country in the world are working to find a vaccine for the global epidemic that causes the corona virus. Researchers in India are also working to find a cure for the disease. However, this deadly disease can be cured in homeopathy as well as allopathy, said Dr. Jawahar Shah, who has been practicing homeopathy in Mumbai for more than 40 years.

Immunity will also increase

Together with about 100 homeopathic doctors from all over the world, he has discovered a special kind of medicine which, when applied to the human body, multiplies the immunity. CK1 and CK2 will not cause any disease in the vicinity of people applying this drug.

These drugs are available at low prices

This drug affecting psycho neuro endocrine is based on the instructions given by the Ministry of AYUSH. The drug, certified by the Ministry of AYUSH, contains arsenic algum and camphor M1, which are also in high demand abroad. The price of this medicine is only 15-20 rupees.

Rules for taking drugs

The full course of this medicine is only 7 days. First you have to eat once a month. In the first part, CK1 should be taken three times in three days. Then CK2 should be taken three times in the next three days. Thus the course of this medicine in a month will end in just 7 days.

Everyone can take

According to Dr Jawahar Shah, there are currently a large number of people in India who do not know whether they are infected with the corona virus. It is too late to get the symptoms of the virus. Those corona positive people can take this medicine. Again, especially now a large number of migrant workers are returning to their home states. They can also take this medicine.

A task force team of doctors has also been formed

He said a task force comprising about 10 doctors from Ayurveda and Homeopathy has been formed under the direction of the Ministry of AYUSH. A team is also working in Maharashtra, the worst-hit state in India.