Homeowner in lockdown, Raj sent Shilpa to her father's house with five hundred rupees!


BanglaHunt Desk: Shilpa Shetty was kicked out of the house by her husband Raj Kundra with just five hundred rupees. He said to go to his father's house. He was also seen pushing his wife. Seeing such an idol of Raj, Shilpa is not even talking.
But what happened that Raj did this behavior? Lockdown marital quarrel or any other reason? Let's say the matter a little openly then. In fact, all this is a funny trick. The whole thing is a tickling video. Shilpa and Raj have made this tick tick together.

In the video, Raj is heard saying, what will Shilpa do if she wins the lottery. The actress replied that she would go to her father's house forever with half of the lottery money. Elderly, Raj was waiting for this opportunity. He immediately handed over a five hundred rupees note to his wife and said that he had won a thousand rupees in the lottery. So Shilpa went to her father's house with five hundred rupees.

Netizens could not help but smile after watching this funny video of husband and wife. Again, one of them noticed that the actress was holding a book with her hands upside down in the video. There has been a lot of laughter on social media.

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By the way, many people know that Shilpa loves to tickle. Earlier, he shared a tickling video on his Insta handle. Shilpa and Raj were seen dancing there.

Shilpa also shared a video of her bodybuilding with Raj. Son Vian was also seen there. Shilpa said that when she and Raj exercised in the morning, they also took Vian with them. Vian also enjoys it. Shilpa and Raj do gym, while Vian plays like himself.