Honesty and keeping lockdown, Nagaland is teaching two things together


Corona has changed the lives of the people of the world. Lots of people are fighting to the death right now. And the only weapon to fight for survival is social distance. Morning and morning are not like the night is shunsana.

The road is unmanned. I don't know when people will get free life by breaking this curse. No one thinks that one day he will have to sit at home and die lazily for fear of death like this, or no one thinks that such a beautiful world will come to an end one day. But yes, people dream of it every day. Dreaming will be all normal again Corona's curse will be cut.

On April 20, the Kohima district administration ruled that no road trade would take place. And keeping that in mind, everyone is working to buy and sell. Here the shopkeepers of the market have adopted a new method. Those who come to buy vegetables will have to adhere to a certain distance.

You can also throw away the money in front of the money container. The vegetable stall is on the side of the road at the junction of the old CM residence in the hilly region of the minister. And this rule has been made in this store. Because many people do not give him the right price when he has finished buying vegetables. So this new and safer rule has been made in compliance with all. One of the sellers of Kohima came up with an idea to ensure the integrity of the people and social distance while keeping them in a small jar with all his confidence and hope. And now that rule is being followed.