Honor Mother Lakshmi and Ganesh devotion, happiness will come to the world


Banglahunt Desk: Everyone wants happiness in life. And wants with him treasure jewels. Everyone wants to live in peace with their own world. And he wants to be with him so that the shortage cannot be overcome. Dhanataratne filled the world. Therefore, Maa Lakshmi and Ganesh should be worshiped for happiness and prosperity in the world together. Then your family will be happy and there will be no shortage of financially. Especially doing this puja every Friday is good.

Mother Lakshi is the goddess of wealth. Calling her full of devotion, the mother does not return any of her devotees. However, the mother does not stay in the house of a devotee for long. Lakshi is very active in words. So if you worship Ganesh Bappa along with Maa Lakshi and worship the two together, happiness and prosperity will last forever in your family.

It is said that when the mother Lakshi was very anxious to have children, she came to her side, Durga. Since Mother Lakshi was not a child, Durga handed over her own son Ganesh to Lakshi Devi. And he said, Lakshi should never leave Ganesh without him, always be with him. For this reason, Ganesh Dev went there with his mother Lakshmi. So worshiping Maa Lakshi and Ganesh Dev together will fulfill all your desires.

By the grace of Mother Lakshi, your pot will never be empty. On the other hand, with the blessings of Ganapati Bappa, your good intellect will arise. Business will also improve. The education of the children of the world will also improve. The evil forces around you cannot consume you. You will also be protected from ghosts, ghosts. So if you worship Maa Lakshi and Ganesha Dev in devotion with full devotion, happiness and prosperity will come in your world.

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