Hope is over with IPL! Sourav Ganguly himself poured water on all speculations


Bangla Hunt Desk: The BCCI was forced to close the IPL midway due to the unbridled corona infection across the country. Since then many have started raising questions and claiming that the rest of the IPL may be at another time. But this time BCCI president Sourav Ganguly himself refuted all those speculations. Dada informed that there is no possibility of IPL in India in any other way. Dada said the Indian team has a tight schedule and it is very difficult to find a vacancy for the IPL.

Instead of India, many demanded that the rest of the IPL matches be played in England. Several county clubs in England have also expressed interest in hosting the IPL. But this time Sourav Ganguly dispelled all those speculations. Sourav said, “First the final of the World Test Championship then India has a series against England. After returning from there, the Indian team has a series of three ODIs and five T20I matches against Sri Lanka. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ” And that is why it is becoming very difficult to find a separate place for the IPL. So the rest of the IPL matches are more likely not to be shot. ”

Asked about organizing the IPL in the Corona transition, Sourav said, “Now many may criticize but I think what has been done is for the better. If no cricketer or supporting staff had been affected by Corona, we would have continued the IPL. He cited the example of foreign football leagues and said that many people have been affected by Corona but they have never stopped the league, they have started again with a break of a few days. However, this is not possible in this case. ”