Hot Ladakh again! India chased the Chinese army that had come to infiltrate


Bangla Hunt Desk: Tensions between India and China escalated again. It is rumored that on the night of August 29, there was a clash between the Chinese army and the Indian soldiers. The clashes are said to have taken place near Pangyang Lake. The Indian government has said that our troops have prevented the infiltration of Chinese troops. Col. Aman Anand, PRO of the Indian Army, said, “People's Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers violated the army message and diplomatic talks to establish peace between the two countries in East Ladakh on the night of August 29/30.” And they try to infiltrate to make the situation worse. ”

On the other hand, the Indian Navy has deployed warships in the South China Sea. India has taken this decision keeping in mind the tension with China in the Galwan Valley in Ladakh.

According to media reports, China has been preventing India from deploying warships in places where India has deployed them. Even when India deployed warships there, China repeatedly complained about it. This time, the Indian navy's move has multiplied China's concerns. However, as always, China has raised the issue with India.

The South China Sea is very important for the communist rulers of China. China does not want any other country to be present there. India's warships have been in constant contact with US warships despite repeated disputes between China's People's Liberation Army. American warships are already stocked in the area. According to sources, India has taken this decision due to rising tensions in East Ladakh.

The Indian and Chinese armies have been facing each other for months in the Galwan Valley in Ladakh. Tensions continue between the two countries over the Finger area. India has said that China's presence in the area is illegal. On the other hand, China is not taking the name of withdrawing from the area. Due to the presence of Chinese troops there, India has also deployed a large number of troops in the area. India has stepped up security in Ladakh. And strict surveillance is going on. The Defense Minister made it clear that the Indian Army was ready to deal with any situation. Weapons will also be removed if needed.

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