House shutter Shane Warne reveals who is the best batsman of his generation?


Acquired Aussie legspinner Shane Warne is in a state of disarray in the wake of the Corona terror. Shane Warne came to live on Instagram on SoCal Side Instagram after being bored. The legendary Caribbean cricketer Brian Lara was on his live at the time.

At that time Shane Warne, who saw Lara online, said Lara would tell you a lot about today. Shane Warne's fans, who were still alive at that time, suddenly questioned who was the best batsman of his generation. Or who?

In reply to that question, Shane Warne said, “The best batsmen of my time are Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara. Both of them would have batted so smoothly against me, it was a very difficult task to beat them at that time. At that time, another fan, Shane Warne, raised the question as to who should keep the batting under any circumstances. Responding to questions from fans, Shane Warne said it was difficult to choose either of the two, but I will keep Sachin a bit ahead.

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