How can I change employee details in UAN?

You must already be familiar with the UAN member portal online. There is a simple procedure available for smoothly changing employee details within the same. KYC (Know your customer) is a procedure where employers should garner documents from employees, for whom PF contributions are being done. If the employee does not possess UAN, then he/she will have to complete registration for the same. If the employee with UAN joins any entity, the UAN will have to be furnished along with KYC documents at the time of onboarding.

Documents updated at the time of registration

While UAN is being generated, the employer will update the details of these documents along with document numbers. In case any of these documents are changed subsequently then this may be updated by providing the updated copies to the employer.

  • Bank Account Number
  • Passport
  • National Population Register
  • Permanent Account Number
  • Driving License
  • Election Card
  • Ration Card

Changing Name within UAN and other changes

You have to visit the UAN member portal for changing the name of the employee and other details. You should first log in with your UAN and password at the portal which is and then click KYC under the section named Manage. A form will open for updating KYC information. Users should then fill up all vital data including the Aadhar, PAN, driving license, passport, election card, ration card, bank information, and NPR (National Population Register).

You can furnish suitable information based upon the Aadhar and the system will be verifying the details given with UIDAI-Aadhar details. You can modify personal details by visiting the UAN member portal and then logging in to the interface with the credentials. Thereafter, click Manage and then Modify Basic Details for getting this procedure successfully completed. If the Aadhar has not been seeded yet to UAN, you can still furnish the same here with UAN Login. You can likewise correct the date of birth, name, and gender information by clicking Update Details. The system will then match the changes made with similar fields garnered from Aadhar data. The request will then be submitted to the employer for subsequent approval. Post transmission of the same online to the EPFO field office, the staff will be processing the corrections requested likewise.

Rejection/Approval Request

The EPF Dealing Assistant may lay down the request for Rejection/Approval. Until submission of a request by the employer to the EPFO, you can withdraw the request as well. This can be done under Manage-Modify Basic Details-Pending Requests-Delete Request. If the correction needed exceeds more than a year, along with Aadhar, you will have to provide other valid documents including a certificate given by the registrar (birth), matriculation certificate, and passport among others. The members will be informed about submitting additional valid date of birth proof if required while applying online.

If the Aadhar number has been verified in the portal, then you cannot update/edit the date of birth, name, and gender. You will get the message thereafter Aadhar is already verified, your details are not editable so make a note of this fact. EPFO members may also submit joint declaration forms to the EPFO itself via employers. Updating is a breezy affair once you enter details like bank account details, passport/driving license details, added information like the IFSC, and so on. The new document number for the Aadhar/number should match the number given to the EPFO authorities as well. You should make sure that you are saving KYC changes.

The data will be saved in the Pending KYC section and if you wish, you can cancel by clicking on the X sign that is given against the document prior to EPFO verification. Post verification of user details and they match, the verified stamp will be marked by the EPFO right in the front of the document, and details of KYC will be updated likewise.

How to Change the mobile number associated with UAN?

You can also change the mobile phone number within UAN. Login to the UAN member portal first. Thereafter, click KYC from the drop-down menu before clicking Manage. The user will now be able to seamlessly update his/her mobile phone number along with email address. These details will have been garnered at the time of activating the account of the user by the employee. Users can easily tick the box marked Change mobile number or Change E-Mail ID for updating their information before clicking on getting Authorization Pin alongside. The authorization pin for changing the mobile phone number within UAN will be dispatched through SMS on the registered mobile phone number in the form of the OTP. This should be entered instantly and then the email address and mobile phone number will get updated on the EPF account.