How can I lie with my hands on my chest! Akshay Kumar opened his mouth with Sushant and drugs


Bangla Hunt Desk: After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput in Bollywood, various questions are being raised in the Bollywood industry after the drug angle came to the fore during the CBI investigation. After the drug angle came to the fore, many are now looking at the stars with a bad eye. Meanwhile, Akshay Kumar has appealed to his fans and media. He shared a four-minute viral video on his Twitter account, where he was seen to be very emotional.

In that video, Akshay says, I am talking to you for a while today. A lot of things have come to mind over the last few weeks, but there are so many negative things going on around me, I don't know what to say and what not to say. “We are not just an industry, we have conveyed our culture and values ​​to the whole world through cinema,” Akshay said.

Akshay said that after the sudden death of Sushant Singh, many such incidents have come to light which have saddened us as well as you. These things have forced us to judge ourselves by our actions. We have a lot of shortcomings in the movie industry, they have been forced to watch. And one of these is what is going on in Bollywood nowadays with drugs. Akshay said, “How can I put my hand on my own chest and tell you that there is no such problem here.”
“Drugs are a legal issue, and I am confident that our law, authority and courts will take action against them,” Akshay said. I also know that every person in the movie will fully cooperate in the investigation. But I urge you not to discredit the entire movie industry.
“I fully believe in the power of the media,” Akshay said. If our media doesn't raise the right issues at the right time, many may not get a chance to speak for themselves, and not everyone will get justice. I sincerely pray to the media to keep raising your voice but in a slightly sensitive way. Because negative news wastes someone's years of hard work and respect. My message to your fans is that you all made us, if you have any annoyance with us, we will work hard to correct your mistakes. Just keep your love. Thank you. '