How many crores of money has Riya removed from Sushant's account? The final report of the CBI


BanglaHunt Desk: Rhea Chakraborty has withdrawn crores of rupees from Sushant Singh Rajput's bank account. All that money has been transferred from the actor's account to the rear account. With which the actress has spent as much as she needs. Sushant's father KK Singh had made such serious allegations against Riya. This time the CBI submitted the final report in this case.

Today, after the bail of Riya Chakraborty, the CBI gave the final report in the case of embezzlement. They made it clear that no discrepancy was found in Sushant's bank account. Riya did not withdraw any money from the account of the late actor. This allegation is false.

According to the CBI, Sushant transferred only Rs 55 lakh from his account to his girlfriend's rear account. They spend all that money on buying and selling. In the last five years, a total of Tk 80 crore has been transacted from the actor's account. But Riya Chakraborty has nothing to do with it, the CBI said.

Shortly after Sushant's death, the actor's father KK Singh lodged a complaint against Riya Chakraborty in Bihar. In the FIR filed against Riya, he alleged that Riya transferred Rs 15 crore from one actor's account to another.

He gave a total of 16 crore rupees. At that time, it was heard from Sushant's bank account details that the actor had to pay all the expenses of Riya and his family. But the CBI has refuted all these allegations.