How much money has been donated to PM Fund to fight Corona? Shah Rukh is shocked by the question of the fans


BanglaHunt Desk: Shahrukh Khan (shahrukh khan), he is the king of Bollywood. Of course, not only Bollywood, its billions of fans are spread all over the world. Many popular stars are also ignorant of his name. There is nothing new to say about his acting skills. As well as 'Humor', he knows all too well that all the Shahrukh fans know. Who knows better than King Khan how to overcome difficult situations with intelligence? Shah Rukh gave proof of that once again.
The actor occasionally does live sessions to stay connected with fans on social media. Shah Rukh recently started the #AskSRK session on Twitter. He answered questions from fans on Twitter during the session.
But this is not the first time he has done such sessions on Instagram and Twitter before. Fans are also waiting for their favorite questions to be answered. Meanwhile, the actor was also questioned for trolling a section of netizens.

In this session, one person sat down and asked Shah Rukh, how much money did he donate to PM Care Fund? Shah Rukh also did not leave. Although he did not disclose the amount of money, he gave a very interesting answer to that person. The actor asks if he is the treasurer.

Shah Rukh's reply did not open his mouth, but the fans had a lot of fun. Many have said that Shah Rukh has given a fair answer. The actor has already contributed a large amount of financial assistance to the PM's Relief Fund, Maharashtra, Delhi and West Bengal. He also stood by the doctors and health workers. King Khan has donated 25,000 PPE for their protection.

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