How much silver is used in smartphones? Why it is needed, know here


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Silver Used In Smartphone

Ever since Apple has deepened its presence in India, India has been cutting silver in smartphone manufacturing. In the coming years, this silver of India is going to increase even more. The reason is that 25 percent of Apple’s phones will be exported from India in the whole world. But today the question is slightly different, how much silver is there in your phone? Yes, don’t worry. Silver is widely used in smartphone manufacturing. This use is kept under the purview of industrial consumption. Today we are going to tell you why silver is used in your phone? In what quantity?

How much silver is in your phone?

If the SIM card is left out, then hardly anyone would know about what happens inside the mobile phone after all? There are many costly metals and materials in this tiny device. More than 20 materials including gold, silver, palladium and platinum are used inside any smartphone. By the way, the quantity of many types of material is very less.

If we talk about normal iPhone, then it contains 0.34 grams of silver. While its quantity increases in Android mobile. Which reaches from 0.50 to 0.90 grams according to the model. At present, more than 700 crore mobile phones are operational in the whole world. From this you can guess that how much silver would be used in your mobile manufacturing. The special thing is that by recycling the mobile phone, that silver can be used again.

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Why is silver used in phones?

Now the question is, why is silver used in mobile phones or should we say smartphones? In fact, a circuit board is used in the mobile phone, which is used for electricity connections. This board is prepared from silver. Silver is considered a good conductor of electricity, but it is used in small electrical items, including mobile phones. Apart from this, it is very expensive as compared to other metals and materials. Because of which it is used in smartphones and other electric items. In which torch, oven, microwave, television etc. are used.

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Mobile manufacturing is increasing in India

On the other hand, smartphone manufacturing is continuously increasing in India. With the arrival of Apple, there has been a rapid increase in mobile manufacturing. In the last financial year, Apple had a share of more than 50 percent of the mobiles exported by India. In the next three years, Apple will export 25 percent of the global consumption from India. At the same time, manufacturing is going on from Samsung and other companies as well. In such a situation, the use of silver in India will increase even more. In the last financial year, more than 300 million smartphones were manufactured in India. Which is expected to increase further.

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