How not to wear clothes while walking on the road, do you know this important thing?


सड़क पर पैदल चलते हुए कैसे कपड़े ना पहनें, क्या आपको मालूम है ये जरूरी बात?

Go out on the streets wearing clothes of the right colour.Image Credit source: Freepik

Colors not Wear: Safety should be taken care of first in the midst of increasing traffic. Pedestrians and cyclists or motorcyclists have certain responsibilities towards other drivers. One of the biggest responsibilities is visibility, which can be affected by the color of your clothes. Today we will talk about the color of clothes which road accident can help protect against. That’s why before going out on the road, pay attention to the color of the clothes. Clothes of wrong color increase the risk of accident.

Driving will be easier if you can see everything clearly in the traffic. This helps in preventing accidents and promoting a safe environment for all.

Bright and certain colored clothes increase visibility, which reduces the risk of hitting the road. In this way road safety increases.

Avoid wearing clothes of these colors

Black and Dark Colour: Dark clothing, such as black, navy blue, or dark brown, can pose visibility challenges, especially in low light conditions or at night. These colors absorb light rather than reflect it, making it difficult for drivers to spot pedestrians or cyclists on the road.

Wearing dark colored clothes in traffic can cause difficulty in seeing some people, and then the risk of accident increases.

Natural Colour: Avoid wearing colors that match the natural environment, such as earthy browns, olive greens or wild greens. These colors can blend you into the background of traffic. Especially if you are present among more greenery or trees, then there can be more problems.

It is not easy to separate people wearing clothes of these colors from the environment around them, which causes accidents.

Dull or subdued color: Dull or subdued colors like grey, beige, or muted pastels have less vibrancy, which affects visibility. These colors do not attract the attention of the drivers, due to which the presence of people on the road is not known. Before hitting the road, one should wear clothes of such colors which create instant attraction and which can be easily seen by the drivers.

It would be nice to wear clothes of these colors

Fluorescent and High-Visibility Colour: The bright, fluorescent colors play a vital role in ensuring excellent visibility in traffic. Shades like neon yellow, lime green and electric orange instantly catch the eye. These colors stand out from most backgrounds. Such vibrant colors are easily recognizable by drivers during the day time.

Reflective material and accessories: In addition to choosing the right colors, adding reflective material to clothing or accessories can increase visibility. Garments with reflective strips, patches, or reflective elements are easily visible. They work well in low light or at night.

These materials glow instantly when the headlights are lit. Due to this, the drivers become alert, so the risk of accident is reduced.

Take care of road safety

Choosing the right color clothing is an important part of personal safety in traffic. Colors that obstruct visibility such as black, dark tones and natural colors etc. should be avoided, as they blend into the background. On the other hand, apart from the vibrant and high-visibility color scheme, the reflective material makes it easy for the drivers to identify it.

If you choose the right color then not only your safety but that of others will also be there. This reduces the risk of road accident, and there is no loss of life and property. Apart from this, follow the traffic rules for everyone’s safety.

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