How to Become a Songwriter in Digital Era

In the digital age, any skill could be sold. This is why there are artists who make handsome money as they can connect to the markets with the demand for their skills. The same is true for songwriting and songwriters.

So if you are looking for a step-by-step guide into becoming a songwriter, making money, and getting famous. Here we will go through each step a winner takes to achieve the goal. If you are good with creating poetic pieces, this craft could be a blessing for you. If you are asking how? You are in the right place.

Are You a Song Writer? How to Know?

The answer to this question is can you write songs? If you have tired and have come up with some lines that could fit harmoniously with some music you are one.

But at this time you might feel you are not perfect, even a decent one to call yourself a songwriter. But that is totally fine. As most of the artists feel the same.

The only thing you need to do to become a songwriter is to write songs, and that’s it. It could fit in any genre such as pop, rock, rap, or any other form.

If you agree to the statements given above. It is in your interest to keep reading the full article. Because I believe in the songwriter inside you.

First Step: Hone Your Ability

A good artist is a practicing one. If you are serious about making a career it is time to give it proper time. You wish to write songs, then start doing it. In case you are thinking about how to start, there are a few ways.

Why not start with finishing the ones you already started. Don’t bog yourself down about the length of the song. It is enough to give it a proper ending. It could be one minute or five minutes long depending upon the rhythm and poetic charisma you can keep in it. No matter what you do, start to end it.

Changing your environment can give you the boost you are looking for. It could be the perfect kick to give you new ideas or finally give a finishing touch to the ongoing ones. Maybe, it is time to get out of the room? What do you think?

Another way that can help you finish the projects you started is by joining the people like yourself. Social media is vast and literally, everyone is online. If it is every one that includes other songwriters for sure. You can grab your laptop or mobile and start looking for groups or clubs online.

The last thing I would like to include in this section is to give you a good piece of advice that you would be happy to work on. This is to learn some basic music theory. Once you are familiar with notes, how to transpose, how to work with a string or a key, this will boost your rhythm and make your work music worthy.

Second Step: Get the Perfect Skillset

Apart from writing the lyrics, there are additional things that you need to work on. These are subsidiary to the above, but come in handy when it comes to becoming a successful songwriter.

The first in this list is co-writing. Yes, you might find it awkward, but it is better to think with two or three heads than one. There are professional songwriters who can help you make your recently written lyrics into a perfect song, ready to be the next hit.

The next thing is to learn to give demos. Most people will be satisfied with a voice note, but not all are. Let’s agree the demonstration is far more convincing and better than a mere monotonous voice memo. You can spice it up with some instrumental ideas, a catchy beat, and some production ideas.

Write plenty, write variety. Professional songwriters have to deal with a wide range of artists in the music industry. Today you will write for a rapper and tomorrow it could be a pop singer. So work on your skills to write for various genres. This will expand your market and of course demand.

Sharing Your Work

Once you have become the master of words, it is time to sell it. But the market is already flooded with wannabe songwriters. Why would one pick you? To tackle this question you will have to think about making a presence for yourself. To do this, there are a couple of ways.

Most songwriters start by recording, releasing, and sharing their own music. This not just gives you an idea about the music market, but at the same time gives you an opportunity to expand the number of ears listening to you.

This time it could be a music label representative hearing the words you jotted down. So it is time to impress everyone. If you have some kind of fright. It is better to start with friends and family as your listeners. They would not only support you but give you valuable advice without degrading your work.

The next step is to pitch your work to the artist and other people with clout in the music industry. The co-writing we discussed before can work well for you here. As with the right acquaintance you can meet the right people.


To become a songwriter is a matter of patience and practice at the core. But in this digital ear, it is easier than once it was, as you get a stage to impress the audience worldwide for free. Just be sure to work hard. You can get better ideas by learning what others have written, such as by visiting and other similar platforms.