How to Find the Perfect Face Cleanser for Your Skin

Believe it or not, skin problems may affect as many as one in three Americans at any given time. 

Many of us suffer from acne, dermatitis, or eczema, and have a difficult time treating the condition. More often than not, proper skincare is seen as the best way to prevent and treat these problems.

But what is the best way to keep your skin in healthy shape? How can you find the right face cleanser and moisturizer to ensure that your skin will stay bright and fresh throughout your lifetime?

Here’s what you need to know.

Know Your Skin Type

A proper skincare routine usually involves a few different steps. You’ll want to use a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer twice a day. This will remove excess dirt that will clog your pores as well as protect your skin against sun and harsh chemicals.

Some folks may also choose to use deep moisturizers or acne spot treatments. But much will depend upon the type of skin you’re in.

The best face cleanser for you won’t be the same as one for someone else. For example, does your skin tend to be itchy, red, or cracked if you don’t take proper care of it? You probably have dry skin.

Oily skin, on the other hand, will tend to have a bright appearance. It’s more common in those who are teens and under age 30. Oily skin tends to be acne-prone if it isn’t treated properly.

Combination skin will have areas that are both dry and oily. You may notice that your nose and forehead tend to break out in small pimples. However, your cheeks are on the drier side and require extra moisture.

Other individuals have sensitive skin. This type is more fragile and likely to react to the elements. 

If you have sensitive skin, you probably know immediately if it’s too cold out or if the heat is on too high. Your skin will immediately tighten up, redden, or itch.

Still, other skin is known as normal skin because it has a regular texture and requires no extra maintenance. Choosing the perfect cleanser will require knowing what will work best with your skin’s tendencies.

Know Your Cleanser Type

If you’ve ever shopped for cleansers in the drugstore, department store, or online, you know there is no shortage of cleanser types available.

Recent years have seen the popularity of a foaming cleanser, which suds up as you massage them into your skin. They give you a wonderful sense of cleanliness and it’s easy to make sure you are purifying all parts of your skin.

Gel cleansers are another consistency that’s easy to use. They are hydrating and create a smooth film before you wash them away.

You can also choose a cream cleanser, which is usually popular for dry skin. They include both hydrating and cleansing elements.

Oil cleansers can wipe away pollutants and also work well if your skin is more sensitive. Oil can also act as a barrier that keeps your skin moisturized and soft. 

If you don’t like to wash with running water every day, or are occasionally looking for a way to wash your skin without a sink, you may want to opt for a micellar water cleanser. These can be applied with a cotton pad or tissue. If your skin becomes irritated when you clean it too often, you might want to clean it with micellar water once a day and perform a traditional cleaning at night.

Choose Based On Your Skin’s Proclivities

Your skin type will let you know which type of cleanser you should use. For example, some types of cleaners are designed specifically for dry skin. They include milk cleansers, micellar water, and oil cleansers.

CBD cleansers, such as those at Native Calm, can relax tense skin while getting rid of impurities. If your skin is dry, you’ll also want to moisturize at least twice a day. 

There are also cleansers specifically designed for oily skin that banish shine and acne. They are often gels or foam washes. Make sure you read the label and make sure it’s suitable for skin that tends to break out. 

For those with oily skin, it’s especially important to use a toner each time you wash. You may also want to choose a lightweight moisturizer so as not to contribute to any access moisture.

If you have combination skin, you’ll want something that will both hydrate drop spots and deep-clean oily parts. Many gel cleansers are made to balance out combination skin, so be sure to do your research beforehand.

A gentle face cleanser is best for sensitive skin. Choose something that’s gel or foam-based, since it won’t irritate the skin as it washes. 

Sensitive-skinned folks can usually tell right away if a cleanser is for them. Their face will react immediately with redness or shininess if they are using the wrong product. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to try samples before you purchase.

Folks with normal skin will probably be comfortable with all types of cleansers. Experiment and find out which ones leave your skin feeling fresh and healthy. Even with normal skin, you’ll want to use a light moisturizer with SPF each day to prevent premature aging.

Choosing A Face Cleanser

Not every face cleanser works in the same way. If you’re new to the world of skincare routines, be sure you know your skin type and how you can best care for your face. Once you’ve found a cleanser you love, stick with it as part of a healthy skin care regimen for a lifetime of beautiful skin.

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