How to protect vegetables from corona infection


Banglahant Desk: To get rid of corona infection, the doctors advised to bring vegetables from the market and clean them well. We have heard from doctors from the very beginning to take a lot of precautions to reduce corona. Repeatedly says rub your hands well and wash each part. If soap and water are not available then 80%

Wash your hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer. And clean your hands for about twenty minutes. This is because the virus enters a person's body through the nose, mouth or eyes and can infect them. The symptoms of the virus are similar to flu and viral. At first it is difficult to understand because ECB is a cold, runny nose, sore throat, dry cough and high cough with high fever. In addition, bone pain and severe conditions can lead to breathing problems, severe muscle pain and muscle stiffness. Sodium hypochloride should be sprayed appropriately to clean the house.

And this virus can also come from vegetables, so first you have to bring it from the market, wash it with vegetable water, clean it and rub it. Then soak the vegetables in water and fry them with one or two teaspoons of salt.

The vegetables should be soaked in water for about two and a half to two hours. Rinse once or twice with clean water and dry in a separate basket. And this vegetable can be used after 24 hours and the rest of the vegetables should be kept in the fridge after 24 hours. And if you can follow these rules, you will have less virus than vegetables.