How to reach a displaced tribe, a Brazilian infected forest in Corona-infested Amazon, worried Brazil

Banglahunt Desk: Corona infection was detected in a woman from the Kokoma tribe in the Amazon forests of Brazil. The news came that seven more were infected by him. Brazil's Ministry of Health was worried about how the virus spread among the tribes in the remote forests. Today, on Friday, it was reported that living in a more remote forest, a juvenile infected by the Yanomami tribe had coronavirus! The Brazilian government is virtually shocked at the (corona virus) incident.

Since the spread of the pandemic all over the world, coronavirus infection has emphasized social distancing. WHO says infection can be prevented only if people's social distance with humans increases. But it is virtually impossible for people of all these tribes to maintain distance. The notion of distance does not fit with the kind of socially integrated way of life. It was thought that transmission could not be reached among all these tribes isolated from the outside world, so it would not be necessary to maintain distance between them.

But the Yanomami incident proved wrong. It is reported that the age of coronary attack of the tribe is 5. He is currently undergoing ICU treatment at a hospital in Boa Vista, the capital of Boerimara in northern Brazil. It is not yet known whether anyone else has been infected.

About 1 million indigenous people still live in the Amazon forests and adjacent areas of Brazil. There are at least 3 separate tribes. Yanomami is one of them. There are about 25,000 people who live in the area. Yanomami's people all over the world know, to paint with different colors on the face and to wear all kinds of strange jewelry by natural facial skin.

People of this tribe have almost no direct connection with the outside world. Maybe sometimes someone goes there to take pictures or shoot a documentary. What if someone reached the forest through the same way? This question is now being asked by the administration. The health ministry, however, said the tribal people in the area have been warned in every way after receiving the news of the infection.

But how the Yanomami tribe was attacked, it is still unclear to anyone. But many believe the consequences of transmitting infection to the tribal gut can be extremely serious.

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