Howrah station premises are also being renovated after Sealdah station, find out what benefits passengers will get


After the lockdown and the launch of the local train, the commuters were amazed to see the appearance of Sealdah station. Howrah, another important station in the state, is going to change the volume in the same way Like Sealdah, Howrah will also have a lounge lounge at the airport-style station. The waiting room will also get a commercial look from the shopping mall. Many more benefits are being added. Find out at a glance

The whole beautification and modernization is being done keeping in mind the comfort of the passengers as well as the income of the railways. Although Howrah is an important station in the country, Howrah is not beautiful enough. This station will be beautified. The main entrance subway will be renovated. It will be decorated with dazzling lights and advertisements.

The outer part of the station will also be decorated. At the moment you have to walk quite a bit to catch the app dependent cab from Howrah To solve that problem, the car will have a separate queue in front of the station. It is learned that the airport will be imitated in taxi control. Arrangements are also being made for the passengers to go to the taxi stand in comfort Pay and use toilet is sitting in the stand.

Boards with instructions are also being set up for passengers arriving at the station by bus or any other small vehicle. Companies interested in setting up lounges and shopping malls inside the station will be given the responsibility. The lounge space has also been fixed The lounge will be in the abandoned museum next to the old food plaza. Food, spa and toilet facilities are available at low cost.