Human example: The mother is infected with the virus, other mothers gave breast milk to the baby

BanglaHunt Desk: The whole world has not been saved from the deadly bite of the novel corona virus. Like a death procession. Besides, the number of victims is not less. This time a Hong Kong woman was bitten by this killer. Who also has a lactating baby. Novel coronavirus is being transmitted to the baby's body through mother's milk! Although the World Health Organization does not have such information, mothers who breastfeed their babies should be careful, the World Health Organization said. Then the child will not be able to eat mother's milk! One Hong Kong company is showing the way.

One of Catherine Kosasi's children is 4 months old. The mother has been in isolation in the hospital since the trauma of the corona infection. Parents with children are under house arrest. A 4-month-old baby has allergy symptoms. Extreme distress occurs when you drink milk other than breast milk. What a way! McFarlane, founder of Hong Kong Breastfeeding, and other mothers, led the way. Everyone packaged their breast milk and delivered it to the baby. Under the supervision of McFarlane, a man named Gillian Kaul collected breast milk from mothers at various places on his motorbike. Apart from Odd Senelara and Anna Rivera, other mothers have donated a total of 15 liters of breast milk for the child. With the amount of milk collected, the baby will be provided with food for about 2 weeks. Breast milk is packaged through a pump. Which will stay fresh for many days in frozen condition.

“I have tears in my eyes, I still can't believe all the mothers have given their breast milk for my child,” said Kosasi, the child's mother.