Human Religion: A Hindu has been abolished by the neighboring Muslims


From the very beginning, the police have been shown to be aware of the Corona virus Sometimes they have been seen to give food, sometimes or seen soap, to give medicines. And many of these ordinary people have also come to the side of the people.

A 3 year old Draupadi Bai, a resident of Indore, was suffering from a long history of illness. Today, after his death, the last Muslim youth came forward. Older boys live elsewhere in the workplace, due to lockdowns, none of them reached their mother's last.

So the youths of the neighborhood take the body to perform the body burial. The dead body was taken about two and a half kilometers on the shoulders and carried to the crematorium. Besides, the youths said that they knew the elderly from their childhood. Therefore, they feel obligated to perform the last rites. It was also reported that the youths wore masks for security reasons. The Corona virus is getting stronger. And the number of coronas infected is jumping in. And in this situation everyone is at home. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken stern action against the Corona virus.

He has locked down the service for the next 20 days, to keep it normal and under control. Several Union Ministers, NGOs, industrialists and government agencies have contributed funds to the Prime Minister's announcement to provide financial support.

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