Human-sized rat! Mill sewer cleaning time; Tumul viral on social media

viral: The rat is very familiar to us. They live in piles of sewage from all over the house. Many of those who travel regularly to the Sealdah branch have seen huge rats running on the railway line. That's a human-sized rat! One such picture is viral on social media.

Picture courtesy: twitter

It is known that the viral image is from Mexico. The rat was found about 5 feet in height while cleaning the sewer. As soon as the rat was taken out of the sewer, a crowd of people gathered. Many people posted pictures of that giant rat on social media. Which immediately goes viral at the speed of fire.

The real information came to light when the rat was taken out of the drain and washed with water. This is not rat meat. In fact it is a portrait of a rat. Evelin López, a woman, is the artist behind this giant rat.

It is learned that Lopez made this giant rat statue on Halloween last year. His next place was in the drain. His artwork is so perfect that many mistakenly think it is a real rat.

Lopez said he lost six of his rats in the storm. He tried hard but could not find it. He does not want his artwork to be ruined. Parts of Netdunia have also demanded that the artwork be preserved. However, it is not yet known how it will be saved However, this idol has already become a celebrity in the net world