Humanity is ashamed, the living dog is tied to the bike with a rope


From the city of Surat in Gujarat, incidents of shame to humanity have come to light. One video has gone viral on social media. The video shows inhumane torture of a helpless animal. The video shows a dog being tied to a bike with a rope and dragged away.

The incident took place in front of Bhagwan Mahabir College in Surat. Where two men tied a dog to a bike with a rope and dragged it away. The FIR was filed after the incident went viral on social media. After which the police went down to investigate and arrested a ruthless person. Police are searching for another accused.

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Police have arrested a man named Hitesh Patel, accused in the incident. Hitesh Patel is said to be working in Surat Nagar Nigam. Police have launched a search for another culprit who was seen with Hitesh.

According to police sources, a social worker named Saloni Rathi lodged a complaint after the video went viral. The video shows one side of the rope tied to the bike and the other to the dog’s neck. The perpetrator claimed to save himself that the dog was already dead, they were going to dispose of the dog’s body.