Husband Day Care Center opened! Wherever you want to go, leave your husband, full care will be taken


खुल गया हसबैंड डे केयर सेंटर! कहीं भी जाना हो, छोड़ जाइए पति, रखा जाएगा पूरा ख्याल

Husband Day Care Center opened

Husband Day Care: Today’s time has become such that both mother and father are working. In such a situation, taking care of children, taking care of them has become a big problem and since couples nowadays also prefer to remain nuclear, in such a situation the children day care Parents have no other option but to keep in. Under compulsion, people keep their children in day care. Although there is no problem in this. Children are taken care of in day care. They are taken care of in every way, but have you ever thought that if like a child day care Husband Day Care Center Even if it opens? Yes, nowadays one such post has created panic on social media.

You must have known Anand Mahindra. This well-known businessman of the country has shared this funny post on his Twitter handle and has praised this unique innovation a lot. Sharing the post, Anand Mahindra wrote, ‘Innovation is not just making new products. It’s also about creating entirely new uses for an existing product category! Brilliant’.

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See this funny post of Anand Mahindra

In the picture shared by Anand Mahindra, you can see that there is a board on the side of the road, on which it is written, ‘Husband Day Care Center’. Along with this, it is also written on the board that if you need time for yourself, need time to relax or go shopping, you can leave your husband with us. We will take full care of them. You just have to pay for their drinks.

People are liking this funny post a lot. It has got thousands of likes so far and users are also making various funny comments. One user has written, ‘Just guessing who will leave their husbands here. It is necessary to know the nature of the nature of the shop from inside’, so another user has written that ‘this is a fun concept’.

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