Husband left in lockdown, mother of two children begged to run the family! The husband came back and divorced her


Bangla Hunt Desk: The husband, who came to settle the dispute with the wife at the family counseling center, divorced her three times. Police filed a case against the accused and arrested him for legally stopping the practice of three divorces.

The incident happened with Khandnab Gulnaz Siddiqui of Uttar Pradesh. He married Azahar of Jhansi 6 years ago. At first everything was going well, the couple also had two children. From then on, the dispute between the two started. Towards the beginning of the lockdown, Azahar suddenly leaves his wife and children and goes somewhere else. Gulnaz reaches the stage of begging to feed herself and her children. Even after that, the people of the father-in-law's house did not care about their plight. He was forced to go to his father's house.

Gulnaz said, my husband used to torture me for dowry since marriage. Many times my father gives him money, but even that doesn't fill his mind. Gulnaz said Azahar always kept himself away from taking care of the family. And then suddenly left the house in the lockdown. It was time for us to starve to death. Then I begged and fed myself and my children. When we call Azahar here to explain all that, he gives me three divorces.

Gulnaz and Azahar have two children. A daughter was born seven years ago, and a son four years ago. The future of the children is now dark because of this hotness of Azahar. Gulnaz has made every effort to save her family from breaking up. Gulnaz was quite optimistic about the Muslim Women's Marriage Rights Act 2019, but Azahar does not mean these laws. Azhar said in front of everyone while divorcing, I have to show my face to God, so I decided to do so.

City Kotwali Police Station in-charge BL Mandlai said the woman had lodged her complaint at the Family Counseling Center, after which Azahar was called there to settle the dispute. At the counseling center, he divorced his wife three times. According to the Muslim Women's Marriage Rights Act 2019, Azahar has been arrested after filing a case against her.