Husband Nikhil lying on his lap, Nusrat shared pictures of personal time


Nusrat Jahan (nusrat and) and Nikhil Jain (nikhil jain) have been married for less than a year. But the love story of the two is not unknown to anyone. From time to time, husband and wife do new photoshoots or tickle. They are also spending time with each other in lockdown.

Recently, actress Nusrat Jahan, an MP, has immersed herself in old memories. He shared a picture from last year. The picture shows Nikhil lying on Nusrat's lap. It is understood that he is in a deep sleep. On the other side is a small child lying.

In the caption of the photo, the actress wrote, 'My two priceless gems'. The picture was probably taken before Nusrat and Nikhil's wedding. The picture went viral as soon as it was posted. More than 60 thousand likes have also fallen in this film.

The deadly corona virus has spread worldwide. One country after another has been devoured by this terrible virus. The third phase of lockdown has started in the country which will continue till May 16. In this situation, everyone is under house arrest. The stars are no exception. All the stars from Bollywood to Tollywood are in home quarantine.

Nusrat was not left out either. Besides warning people, the actress is enjoying her time at home. She is spending time with her husband Nikhil Jain. Earlier, in a video, Nusrat and Nikhil were seen doing beauty treatments.

Incidentally, the actress recently appeared at an old age home in Behala and the home of specially able people with the necessary food items. Nusrat stood by them in difficult times with the necessary things in their hands.