Huzur, a Bangladeshi child arrested by the police while trying to stop Prime Minister Modi’s flight to Bangladesh

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Bangladesh on Friday. And with this, several groups in Bangladesh have come down in an attempt to create instability in Bangladesh. In fact, March 26, 2021 is going to mark the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh’s independence. On this occasion, the Government of Bangladesh has invited the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi as an important guest. This has angered several groups and leftist organizations in Bangladesh.

Opponents of Prime Minister Narendra Modi have staged protests in several places against his visit to Bangladesh. Starting from Dhaka University, anti-Modi protest cameras have been captured in Dhaka’s Motijheel Shaplachattar area. Where Modi’s opponents burned Narendra Modi’s puppets and chanted slogans. Opponents of Prime Minister Narendra Modi have been seen protesting loudly, demanding that his plane not be allowed to land in Bangladesh.

Police arrested child speaker Rafiqul Islam Madani during a protest in Motijheel Shaplachatbar area on Thursday. Please be informed that Rafiqul Islam Madani is known as Shishu Bakta in Bangladesh due to his small body size. Rafiqul Islam mainly spoke about Islam in Bangladesh. However, Rafiqul Madani has recently been seen inciting people on international issues to impart religious knowledge. Eleven others, including Rafiqul Islam, have been arrested in anti-Modi protests. The protesters, brick, stone throwing and some police personnel were injured due.

Earlier on March 23, Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Bangladesh centered on a clash between two groups of students at Dhaka University. The ‘Progressive Students Alliance’ staged a protest in front of the Teachers’ Student Center of Dhaka University in protest of Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Bangladesh. It has been reported that the leftist group has attacked the Progressive Student Alliance. Several left-leaning student leaders were injured and were admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital.