Hyundai or Tata? Who became India’s second largest car company, decided by a slight margin


Hyundai या Tata? कौन बनी इंडिया की दूसरी सबसे बड़ी कार कंपनी, मामूली अंतर से हुआ फैसला

Hyundai Creta Vs Tata Nexon DarkImage Credit source: Hyundai/Tata

Maruti Suzuki has remained India’s largest car company for the last several decades. Maruti sells so many cars every month that no car company beats around its numbers. That’s why there is a nose to nose battle to capture the second number in the car market. In this case, Hyundai has been the country’s second largest leader for the last several years. car company Occupied as However, in December 2021, Tata Motors gave it a strong challenge. There is a very close competition going on between Hyundai and Tata.

April 2023 also saw a tough fight between Hyundai and Tata. However, the contest was very close and Tata Motors fell behind with sales of 2,694 cars. That is, even last month, Hyundai became the second largest car in the country, while Tata Motors remained at number three.

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Strong challenge from Tata Motors

Car sales in India are increasing continuously. Car companies are also giving more and better options to the customers by launching new models. Till about four years back, Tata Motors was not much of a threat to Hyundai. However, now the Indian Auto Company has posed a big challenge to the South Korean company.

Hyundai leads by a slight margin

There is a slight difference between the two companies in terms of car sales. Talking about April 2023, Hyundai has sold a total of 49,701 units last month. In response, Tata Motors has sold only 4,7107 units. This means that Hyundai has sold 2,694 more cars than Tata Motors.

March 2023 less sales

Hyundai’s performance in April 2023 was not as good as in March. In March 2023, the company had sold 50,600 units. However, compared to April 2022, Hyundai has achieved a growth rate of 12.95 percent. At the same time, an increase in the sales of Tata Motors was registered, while the growth rate was 13.03 percent compared to the previous year.

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