I am besieged by this crisis, PM Modi assures US President Donald Trump


Bangla Hunt Desk: America is completely devastated by the coronavirus epidemic. And today, US President Donald Trump calls Donald Trump Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted this and told himself. In this discussion, we will use the full US-India partnership in the fight against the Corona virus.

India has decided to use the US-US partnership in full force against the two countries' presidency, Covid-1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted, “There has been extensive discussion with President Donald Trump.” He said, 'We have had this discussion positively. We have agreed to use India and America's partnership in full force against the Corona virus. “

It is to be noted that there have been 2,5,000 cases of coronavirus infection in the United States so far. And more than 5 thousand people died. On the other hand, more than 4,000 cases have come to the fore in India and 4 have died.

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