I am indebted to the Punjabis, the Modi government is doing injustice to Punjab – Rahul Gandhi


Banglahant Desk: The whole country is fighting over the proposed agricultural bill of the Center. Protest rallies and demonstrations are going on in different directions. Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has been involved in the protest from the very beginning. By holding rallies in different places, they have been protesting the agriculture bill.

Recently, in the context of this agricultural bill, Rahul Gandhi brought up an incident that happened several years ago. Rahul Gandhi said very flexibly, ‘When my grandmother Indira Gandhi lost the election in 1986, several Sikh families helped us a lot. Stood by our family. '

I am indebted to the Punjabis

Rahul Gandhi also expressed his gratitude to several Sikh families for coming forward to protect their families. At the same time, he thinks, he is indebted to all Punjabis and Punjabis. He also said that he has learned a lot from the Punjabis.

Doing injustice to the Punjabis

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi thinks that he will always be indebted to the Sikh family for this help. He is also indebted to the people of Tamil Nadu. Rahul Gandhi further said, “Now that he has come to Punjab, it seems that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is doing injustice to the Punjabis.”

Rahul Gandhi drove a 6 km road tractor

Rahul Gandhi went to Haryana after concluding a meeting in France to protest the agriculture bill. However, the most surprising thing is that he drove the tractor all the way to this 8 km road. Punjab Congress president Sunil Jakhar and Punjab Congress in-charge Harish Rawat were also present on the tractor at the time.